scar tissue

Dec 27, 2000
I've been a new viewer of the womens forum after I met GSR at Kenndy Meadows. (so blame her for my other posts in here :p ) I must say you guys are quite entertaining. I didn't really know what to expect. Honestly, I was thinking is was going to be a super strong women's libber's/ totally anti men thing.

"Not that there's anything wrong with that. "

I was simply treating it like the women's restroom, I just don't go there.

I'm glad to see that all are welcome, and everyone here has been pretty cool. ( even with RM Guy's jokes.) I know your still working on getting LT banned from this forum only :p But as far as I can tell all others are welcome.

Anyway, I just thought I give some props to the ladies, definatly a nice change of pace.


Chat Mom
Feb 8, 2000
I think you'll find that the Women in here have an excellent sense of humor, enough to put up with the likes of you apparently! ;)

I have a feeling most of the male members of this board feel/felt the same as you about this forum which is unfortunate. We always welcome the guys in here. We value their advise as well as each others besides that it's entertaining to poke fun at those few that do straggle in here. :)


Jan 1, 2001
I don’t post in this forum; it’s a dangerous place to say the least. Being the youngster that I am (16) I find it’s better just to observe. Being around all these strong willed, highly opinionated women is very intimidating. I highly admire the brave (insane) men such as VintageDirt, Ol'89r, scar tissue, LongTime and Xrpredator who bravely (foolishly?) dare to post in this forum.

But of all the forums I browse this is the most entertaining. Where else can you read about riding in thongs? Or see a teakettle, well... best leave that alone. But what I’m getting at is a long-winded thanks. I know this may be an invitation for people to poke fun at me, well bring it on! I better leave the women’s restroom before I get caught...

Lee Wilson


Damn Yankees
Nov 21, 2000
North East USA
Yeah, I enjoy popping my head in here from time to time. If for anything to stir the pot and give the gals some mental stimulation of the sort that can only come from a man. ;)


Jan 27, 2000
Originally posted by scar tissue

I was simply treating it like the women's restroom, I just don't go there.

Scar. I know what you mean. I felt the same way, but, LongTime pushed me in here one day and they were pretty nice to me. Well, ,most of em.:confused:

Gotta be careful though, some of them are pretty quick;)
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