Woods rider+big double=


Sep 17, 2001
Take 1 C class scrambler running third, 1 big double, cocky attitude, and blend till thoroughly mixed up.

I had fouled up my start at the Blue Gray 100 at Budds Creek, so I had a lot of catching up to do. I had my girlfriend in the woods spotting my class, so she could give me an idea of where I was running. After two laps, I had worked my up to third as I headed out onto the motocross track. I had been making up a lot of time on that section, I was pretty fast on a motocross track for a C class hare scrambler, and was feeling very confident after hitting the small table top and small doubles with no problem. I've now got this guy in sight as we head down to the big table top at the bottom side. The track was running so that we were heading down Henry Hill that day, and there was a big (for me) uphill double just after the table top. I had a good head of steam, and a big head full of confidence. Way too much confidence. I grab a handfull of gears coming out of the turn and know damn well that I can clear that uphill double. The launch was magnificent. Good air. Good hang time. Good God, what have I done. Note to self, better go ahead and grab one more gear before trying that mess again. HARD case just at the tip. Rode it out, but saw stars, and felt like puking for the next half a lap. After that experience, I was gratefull to have found the only damn mud hole in those woods that weekend. I stayed stuck there for the next hour and a half. It took four of us to get my bike out, after all of the dust had settled. Bud Light has never tasted so good.

Moral of this story: Better grab one more gear, just in case. Or you case.:scream: