Jun 8, 2001
Dudes, my mom hates me riding. She is afraid for my life and thinks i am going to kill myself! I love riding way too much to give it up! At my age I know I make my own dcisions, and my pops is behind me on this, but I want to relieve some of my mother's worries! Any suggestions?


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Dec 26, 1999
Originally posted by TrailRider32
At my age I know I make my own dcisions
How old are you?
Moms and dad will always be worried about you especially when you become involved in a sport which is portrayed as dangerous. Try talking to her about it and show her how you prepare for riding. Make sure you wear the best protective gear you can afford and explain to her the importance you place on it. Try taking her to a race if that is your goal and explain the way it works to her- do not emphasis the big jumps but point out the skill levels involved. She will see the jumps on her own.
Most of all understand where she is coming from on the sport-My wife and I are behind the kid 100% when he rides but that doesn't mean our stomachs aren't twisting while he is out there on the track mixing it up. When he crashes you bet I stop breathing til he is up and moving. We know the risks and as long as he also does we will continue but once he would show disregard for safety we would pull the plug.


Oct 7, 1999
One of my favorite dad stories. I wanted a motorcycle (15 years old). My mom didn't want me to have one. Mopeds were big at the time, she said I could have one of those. Driving to get it after I saved enough money (my dad kicked in $100 if I raised the rest myself), I mentioned to my dad how I had seen an MT-125 on sale for $575 (trick Honda 2 stroke street legal enduro for you youngsters). How it was probably safer than a squirrely moped. How boy would I sure like to get one of those. I almost died when he said maybe I was right . . . and drove me to the motorcycle shop! We bought it (still the most beautiful bike I've seen -- unbiased opinion, of course). The very next day I was driving to school and some kid accidentally kicked a ball under my rear tire. I was barely doing 25 at the time, but even that gentle little put-down broke a bone in my foot. I hid it for about 1 hour after getting home before my mom figured out I was limping. . . :o I cannot imagine what my dad endured that night at the ER and for gosh-knows-how-long afterwards, for letting me get that bike. :p But it's probably my favorite "dad event" -- always will be, too.


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Sep 28, 2000
Originally posted by DMATT125
well put oldguy. i'm 31 and my mom still calls me every sunday nite to make sure i made it home ok. gee i love my mommy.:cool:

My Mom found out about my dirt bike when I was 30 (now 32).

Mom: "Why are you racing those things at your age?"

Me: "Because you didn't let me when I was younger." :p

Mom: ----> Dirty look. You know, "The LOOK"

Anyway, she still asks every Sunday if I am in one piece.


Apr 1, 2001
I didn't get my first bike until I was 24, 'cause my folks wouldn't even let me go to a race just to spectate. After I started riding, mom kept reminding me how I had 'little ones' to think of. My folks kept me away from what is now one of my greatest loves. I now joke about horrendous crashes in front of them to torment them.:p


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Aug 2, 2000
I got a wife that doesn't think I ride enough!

Suppose she's trying to get rid of me?:think


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Oct 23, 2000
After my most recent adventure, my mom is pressing me to sell it and ski more :think More people have hurt knees skiing than riding! (although it has to be pretty close . . . )


Apr 13, 2001
I went to live with my dad when I was 15, my step-mom was totally against motorcycles, but my dad told her it was 'in my blood' and that was it. I saved up and bought a kaw 175 'enduro' 2 stroke. man, I rode that bike everywhere.
Now my son saved his $$ and bought his first bike at 16 (95 kx125) . In all honesty, I think his mom worrys less about him than I do. Shoot his mom cant wait 'till I buy another sport bike, and she talked me into buying a mx-er to ride with him.
If ya find a woman who loves bikes... marry her!:D


Jun 8, 2001

I am 22. I still live at home, and every time I go off riding she gets mad and worried. I guess I might not have done a good job of explaining things to her. I also have to try to watch what I say and what i brag about in fron tof her.

I hope she gets over it quickly, i am starting to feel guilty!


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Nov 20, 2000
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Originally posted by XRpredator :
"I got a wife that doesn't think I ride enough!"

XRP, you are truly blessed sir. :D

PS: hey, if they ever get this cloning thing down pat, you think that maybe you could run off a copy for me???? nuts, i'm already married.....:( forget it.


Aug 13, 1999
Guess I was lucky, my whole family from grandpa on down to my kids now, has ridden bikes since before I was born. I was the late comer to the sport - too busy with other things until I moved back up to home. The only people that are ever concerned about my health seems to be my boss - every Monday morning he looks into my office and says he's glad to see I survived another weekend.

Maybe if you show her some of the photos that some of us have posted of the families riding together and the little guys that ride she will see that there are a lot of regular, responsible type ;) people that ride. Then again, she may decide that we are all nuts. :think

Like oldguy said, show her that you are responsible and ride safely to help ease her fears.
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Sep 9, 2000
I'm like the first batch of posters, 29 years old and still getting it from mom! :)

She grew up around bikes (street and dirt) and my dad had street bikes. I was never allowed to have a street bike but was allowed a dirt bike. They knew i would be riding one of the two and picked the safest in their opinion, i agree.

I built a small track on their property and made tons of trails through the spillies. My dad was pissed because everyone and their brother started to show up. My mom told him to not worry about it because she liked me riding around the property. That's because she can hear the bike up at the house. She said as long as she can hear it, she knows i'm not lying somewhere. Plus i store it in their barn so she knows when i make it back safely.


Nov 22, 2000
I got my first bike on a plane ride back from france and I saw a guy that rode and had two 125s, and I made a bet with my dad, whoever chose the higher card got their way, my way was that I got a bike, and his way was no bike. And I won....Thank you godd!:p When we walked into the dealership I couldn't speak, I had a knot in my throat. I was filled with joy even picking out the gloves was a blast. Now I have a yz80, but this time I didn't get to win it off a bet. I had to work my arse off, and still do, but its definetly worth it. But now every time I walk out the door to ride I get the "be safe, don't push yourself to hard, and come back in one piece" Talk. :confused:


Jun 3, 2002
I am 41 and my mom thinks I am going through my second childhood. I am like most others, my parents wouldn't let me have a bike when I was younger, so I guess I am making it up now. I just ride in the woods and on trails and I am fortunate to have a great group of guys to go riding with.

My mom still worries each time I go riding and she is always waiting up for me when I come home after a ride, regardless of what time it is.

Bob L

Jul 7, 1999
KDX220rm, I'm in the same boat...Could'nt get a bike when I was a kid...Now 39 and my mom is 70...she lights candles in church for me when I go riding and always asks if my guardian angle had fun on the ride...(BTW the guardian angel took the day off on Saturday and I biffed big time, but mom doesn’t need to know that!)
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