Jay Moffatt

Nov 15, 2004
I've just replaced the seals on a set of WP forks from a 2008 KTM 250 SXF and am completely baffled on how to get the fork oil level set. They don't seem to be like other forks. I pumped the old oil out of the inner chamber, but how do you prime it and by how much. I'm pretty stuck.

I live in the Falkland Islands so I don't have anybody to ask for advice, no dealers or garages for this kind of thing. Also I've just got my fork oil in on the last ship and it's 2.5w. Is this going to be heavy enough, I noticed the manual states 5. I should have checked.

I did look on Youtube but those WP forks are different again.

Any links, help or advice would be greatly appreciated,



Pete Payne

MX-Tech Suspension Agent
Nov 3, 2000
The oil in the outer chamber is done by Volume - not height like it would be in an open cartridge wp fork .

Measure 350cc of the 2.5 weight oil and dump it in to the outer chamber .

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