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Mar 28, 2001
Does anyone know where I can get WP tools, other than White Bros or a KTM dealer? Their Prices are a BIT high. Thanks, Sage.

Sage Wilkinson


Jan 30, 2000
Sage - I made a pin tool by using a Crescent adjustable wrench (metric of course :) ). I drilled through the jaws and pressed in solid pins. Buy a cheap wrench and they are not such hard steel.

You can make the bleeder tool for the comp adjuster on a lathe. I made blocks for the shafts and bodies on the lathe too, if Race Tech ones weren't appropriate.

The piston bleeder I made out of an old 46mm piston, with a really thick washer/shim combo on the compression side and a light shim on the rebound, mounted on a T handle. You need a 50mm for the PDS, but hey, I'm sure you knew that.

The resevoir piston depth setter I made from rod with a file handle on it and a drill depth stop on the shaft.

As far as I know you have to buy the genuine tool for recharging the nitrogen - you could make one but it would be a PITA.

Hope that helps.



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