Jun 26, 2001
most wr 250f owners on drn are trying to make their bike run like a yzf (i.e. change to yz timing, grey wire, vor tip, etc.) . why not buy a yzf and slap on an aftermarket tank, change gearing, and you'll have a NICE trail bike. sounds good, huh. am i missing something here?
Oct 10, 2000
huh. Am I missing something here?
The part you are missing is the WR is set up with (woods suspension). That save alot of us harescamblers/woods guys alot of time and money dialing it in. Also we get an O-ring chain off the bat and are set up with lights if we want to dual sport or ride at night (you should try it, its a whole other world, Kinda scarry):eek: .

But the best part is that most all those mods you mentioned are free!! Thats right free! We can change to YZF timing and race a Motocross or change it back if you ride the woods, its up to you. Oh ya, and the gray wire fix, thats cool, cut the wire and your done. (I haven't done mine yet because my bike rips the way it is) I'm always in the higher revs and thats were it rocks! I think the YZF is a great bike, but I like my WR.:)
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