WR250 Starting What Works for us. .


Feb 24, 2001
Had to share this local solution, as I pulled what little hair I have left trying to figure this out.

45 Pilot (42 stock)
Fuel Screw 2 and 1/2 turns out (2 1/4 stock)
running a 180 main (no impact on starting) duh....I know shoot me.

Cold Engine:
open throttle 3 times, holding it open on third.
Decomp lever down, cycle engine through 5 times. Close comp release and throttle, find TDC, and kick. Touch of gas at the end of the kick.
It now starts first kick or 2d worse case every time! Woo Hoo!

Hot/Warm engine:
Throttle open two times, hold open on 2d, decomp lever in, 3-5 kicks through, release decomp/throttle, TDC, kick.
First kick, 2d worse case.
No choke or hot start either time.
, yep NO Choke.
Hey....its works here,
Sea level + - 500 feet, 75 degrees
Hope this helps with those that are in the hair pulling mode......
Now Go Roost!

Maxed out to run in the woods........and now the new toys.....WR250F added to the stable (stock for now)

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