WR250F pros/cons

Nov 29, 2003
I've narrowed my trail/woods and maybe novice scramble bike to a WR250F or KTM 200EXC. I wanted to go 4stroke w/ Estart, away from 2strokes(past muddy woods exp. on an RM), but the weight & features of the EXC appeal.

My question is: What is your likes/dislikes of the WR250F? Maintenance and reliability? Ease of use for a novice?

Thanks for the help in making an informed decision.


Too much of a good thing.
Nov 22, 2000
I just sold a 2003 WR250F. It was a terrific bike, and I'll buy another one eventually.
*E-start - A Godsend. Best thing that ever happened to a thumper.
*Zero maintenance - I never did anything to the bike other than change oil and clean the air filter.
*No pre-mix. Man, what a PITA pre-mix is!
*New gas tank/seat combo - Much better ergos than the '02's I have ridden.
*New airbox design - Air filter is easily accessed by turning three Dzus fastener thingys and removing side cover.
*Handlebar mounted hot start lever - much better than searching under the tank for the old-style hot start button.

*Heavy - felt like I was riding an XR400 at times.
*Loud - The bike ran really well with the stock baffle removed, but I had a headache after ridng a couple of motos with it uncorked. Yamaha makes a GYT-R insert that cures the loud part and allows the bike to breathe.

I had the bike for 8 or 9 months, and I rode everywhere with it. It was box-stock except for the "free mods" that I performed on it. I won a couple of overalls at local tracks & finished 2nd to a superhero at Dirtweek 03 (Headlight MX Class) on it. All of my finishes were in Open classes. The bike does everything really well. When they get cheaper, i'll buy another one and replace the WR carb and cams with YZ-spec units. That should milk another 2-3 HP out of it.

If I could only have one bike, the 2003 WR250F would be it.

<edit> D'OH! I just noticed your other thread. I hope you enjoy the KTM! :confused: