Write down those clicker settings


Feb 29, 2000
I walked into the garage yesterday to find my three year old with screwdriver in hand playing with the compression adjuster on my shock. Fortunately, I had written down the settings when I had it valved. You should have seen the look on that boy's face when I walked in. :scream:

Come to think of it, now I know why my airscrew was so far off last ride. :confused:


Aug 25, 2000
My little guy likes to install screws and nails in various orifaces on mine. GOt a rude surprise one day when I went for the rear brake only to have NONE! Seems a 4" spike found it's way into the swingarm pivot bolt (hollow) and chose that exact moment to slide out and wedge under the brake pedal.

Moral of the story...pre-ride checks are a good thing.
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