Xl200r CDI Advancer NFG ??

Jun 18, 2019
Been having issues of not starting and noticed my CDI was off by 160 degrees when lined up with the F mark. So I took off my advancer in the CDI and discovered a potential issue as you can see in the pictures. So it looks like there maybe was a pin in there to line up with the advancer ? Do I need this pin as it seems quick tight just by tighteneing down the bolt. Cannot find a pin if required on a parts list, ex: bikebandit. I will hunt down a used advancer as I think this will scrap the inside or maybe I can file it down do its not sharp.
What about the shaft, is it toast ? I don't ride very much but had the bike for years and want to ride it again with minimal costs and not afraid to fix things.

Any thoughts ?
XL 1.jpg


Jun 14, 2019
Keep at it bro, you can do it! I am in the same boat with these addictive off road toys. Always hard to find parts, but when I do, I feel like a accomplice a great task, and my bikes stay nice and clean!
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