Feb 19, 2001
My footpegs on my XR are bending down, especially the right side. :( Does anyone know if this is typically the part of the peg that bolts to the frame or the frame itself? I have not noticed any cracking paint on the frame or anything like that. I did not think that I was being that hard on the bike. I typically ride trails with an occasional harescramble/motocross track. I would really appreciate any info on how to fix this.



Aug 22, 2000
Normally it's the shaft that the peg bolts to.

Yes, it's not unusual to bend pegs on a trail bike if you ride it on the track.

The best way to solve the problem? If it took months to happen, just a suspension upgrade might do the trick.

If you were able to bend them in a few weeks, I'd be shopping for a more air-worthy steed.

BTW, they can be bent back up. No guarantee how long they'll stay there though, unless you fix the suspension or quit jumping doubles.

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