May 17, 2000
A friend of mine rides a stock 1997 xr250 and is tired of choking on my roost. He wants to know which upgrades are the best bang for the buck. He is also considering a bigbore kit, what are the available sizes and do they impact reliability. I tried searching DRN but there is so much scattered info I was just trying to get a general list of common upgrades. Does anyone know of a web site similar to JustKDX but for the honda xr series? Any help is appreciated.

John K

Feb 22, 2000
My brother recently bought a '97 XR250R here in Australia. It already had a one industries sticker kit, ballards chain guide brace, ballards case saver, ballards carbon fibre airbox sticker kit, and acerbis handguards. So far all we've changed (other than the oil of course :cool: ) is the bars. I put a set of Jimmy button high bend renthals on it as like myself he's of a pretty large build.

An aftermarket filter will be on the shopping list shortly!

When he's after a bit more go I think that a 280kit, and a pumper carb may be in order.

The baffle has been removed but I personally find it a little too loud which is exactly the sort of thing the green movement really dwells on. So I'm also aiming him at buying a white bros. tip for it.

The suspension department can't be ignored either. I found with my XR6 that this was one of the largest areas of improvement that was hugely beneficial.

ted jackson

May 18, 2001
easy mods

the JUSTXR.COM site is a great place to look for mods, and advice

Removing the airbox snorkel is easy and it makes it a lot simpler to change the airfilter.
you can remove the window screen on the airfilter frame. use a propane torch to loosen the glue, be sure not to leave any lose stuff behind to get sucked into the motor. then put on a TwinAir filter.

A Yoshi slip-on pipe (or a whole system if you want to re-jet the carb) will help a lot.
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