Oct 13, 2007
i have a1991 yz 125 that wont shift. i was riding it like i usualy do and on mi way home from the pit i had it in 6th gear full pin for a short time and wen i was slowing down i notised i was getting harder to shift. i stoped and left it in first and checked for any visable damege. there was nothing so i started riding and couldent get it out of first. i have the shop manuel for the bike and it dosent tell me nothing, nether will the local shops. dose anybody have any idea what could of caused this???


Old MX Racer
Oct 19, 2006
Either the gear selector and drum are out of synchronization or your forks are fried. Start with the clutch cover off and start inspecting. With the chain off you should be able to shift while spinning a shaft. Check for proper alignment. Next step is inside the tranny.
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