Jul 27, 2007
My YZ 125 cutch wint engauge when I shift into first from nuetral, it will just stall. I pull the clutch in which is very loose now. It runs fine, uppers just done, I can run with and slam it into first and runs fine????????????????????? :bang:


Jul 18, 2007
follow the clutch cable down to where it goes onto the engine and make sure its hooked up right. the spring that pulls the clutch arm back to place on my tt will sometimes slip off. i dont know if you have the same system on your bike though. ive got a 85 yz250 and when i get on it really hard the clutch cable will come off next to where it connects to the motor. its such a stupid way to hold the cable down, theres nothing overtop to keep it in place on mine.
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