Jul 14, 2000
I don't think the YZ250F is such a cheater bike as everybody pretends. Just look at the outdoors. Did one win an overall ? Is there one on the final podium ?
Finally (and even if these bikes give a little benefit), it's still the rider who makes the difference and that's what matters after all.


Dr. Feel Good
Jun 15, 2001
Yeah, but it's kind of like Grant Langston said in this month's MXRacer interview: "Put Travis and Brownie on a 4-stroke?..That'd be dangerous!"

Amen brother. You wait 'til one of those guys get on a 250F. After they learn it, they will dominate--even moreso than now. :D

angry jim

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Aug 4, 2000
First of all, I said "most" riders on the bike are second tier. Secondly, Fonseca came in third because Travis got injured. I don't think Fonseca won an overall in the outdoor series. IMO the first tier is only three riders deep; Brown, Langston and Pastrana. Fonseca is very good indoors where the races are shorter and the starts are more critical.
I got to ride a 250f for a long time this weekend. I think the bike is more of an advantage for less skilled riders than it is for pros. The bike is super easy to ride and hooks up well out of slippery corners. I think a 426 is easier to start though. Even the guy who owns it can't start it on the first kick a majority of the time. He also said that he can't start it in gear well at all. This problem alone would keep me from owning one. Very cool motorcycle other than that.

dirt bike dave

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May 3, 2000
Pros can exploit the lighter weight of the 2 strokes for better maximum braking and cornering, offsetting some of the advantages of the heavier YZF.

Compare the dyno charts with a 125 two stroke. The YZ250F makes 20+ hp over a ridiculously wide range (7,500 rpm? just a guess) while the two stroke makes 20+ hp over a range of maybe 3,000 rpm. For an average rider on an outdoor track, the 250F is an advantage, IMO.

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