Jan 9, 2004
I have seen dirtbikes in the dunes of Coos Bay which is where I live and I am interested in getting into riding dirtbikes and was wandering if a YZ250 F will have enough balls to get my 190 pounds around the dunes. I am not trying to go warp speed out there or any thing. I just want to get around the dunes and do some jumping. I have seen dyno sheets that say this thing makes 34 horsepower at the back wheel. Is this true. I will and some mods if I need any more. I just need to know if this is a good starter bike. Thanks for your time, any info will be appreciated.


Thinks he can ride
Dec 2, 2001
If you want to ride a lot of dunes, you will want a 250, 500 or 450F.

You can ride the smaller bikes in the dunes but it is a lot more work and it is very hard on them... It will make them wear out faster.


Sep 10, 2003
Hifly, I have seen some good deals in Cycle Trader for a number of bikes already set up for dune riding - paddle tire etc from your area. North Bend, Florence ---
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