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Apr 17, 2001
i've had her for 3 months and 12 days, It was great...the bike of my dreams...the weekend trip we all dream about...buddy's got a cabin in Stonyford,CA 1 of i think three people to own property there...anyway 2nd day into the trip bike quits on a downhill section, turns out really quit.. check water..OK...OIL...OK...NO STICK THROUGH THE RADIATOR NO OIL BLOWIN OUT OF ANYWHERE...JUST DEAD IN THE GREAT OUTDOORS.. get out of the park and back to civilization and call the dealer sunday afternoon. To my surprize there wasn't much urgency on the other end of the line.Tells me they're 2weeks out.2001 yz250f siezed 6,531.02 cents out the dr and they're not in a hurry to find out whats up.So they cut it to a week,they're gonna squeeze me in.I show up and the serv, manager ask me what year it is...the mechanic on duty says it looks new.....WHAT SHOULD A 2001 YZ250F WITH NO MORE THAN 30 HRS ON IT LOOK LIKE..WORKIN MANS RIDIN NO BIG TIME RACIN..(JOB AND NEW BABY=LESS RIDIN TIME) ...anyways the serv. mnger calls me today and says they found a foreign body in the time chain.(washer)So it's out of warranty by 2 months and 12 days.As of right now the only way the washer could get where it was at, I would've had to of taken the valve cover off...not me baby....YAMAHA SAYS IF IT WERE THERE FROM THE FACTORY IT WOULD HAVE SIEZED SOONER??AND THAT THE BIKE IS PAST THE 30 DAY WARRANTY...I'M TAKEN OFF TOMORROW TO SEE HER GUTS AND TO SEE IF THE STORY CHANGES...31 YRS OF EXPERIANCE ON THE PLANET YOU WOULD HAVE THOUGHT I WOULD HAVE SEEN THIS ATTITUDE COMING..

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