Dec 21, 1999
Anyone tried the Big Gun Quiet Series. Is it really quiet? Doesn't perform just as well as stock or better? I need a spark arrestor...snow is melting!



Feb 5, 2001
If your just looking for a sparky look at under yz400, and yes it fits a yz250f. My buddy got one for his 250f and it works great. It increases the backpressure a little which increases the low end grunt and takes away a just little on top. It still breathes well and you don't have to change the jetting. It also makes it a little quieter, not much. They will also ship it with the fmf endcap.

I put the Big Gun on my 400f (Oversize quiet series with quiet insert). It is extremely quiet, 84 db at idle and about 99-100 db at 1/2 throttle. It also breathes well, you'll have to increase your jetting to correspond with the added airflow over stock. I haven't seen/heard one on a 250f though. I'm extremely happy with mine.

'98 400f
'99 kx80
'99 kx60
'99 pw50
'98 lakota 300
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