May 10, 2013
Hey all, I'm new to this forums and I hope I posted in the right section.
Anyways I'm 18 years old, 1metre 90, 77kg.
I've been riding quads all my life and thought it was time I gave motocross a go.
So 3 weeks ago I saw a good deal from someone local and I got a yz450f 2006. For 3 days while I was taking it slow, learning the basics ect eveything was ok then I got over confident and went faster. Then in second gear I accidently pulled a wheelie over like 10 metres, it scared the **** out of me but felt so cool and wanted to do it again, and so I did; suceeding 2 or 3 times thinking I was a bawss until I completely lost control and lifted the bike too high and crashed (snapped back mud guard and sprained my leg).
Anyways today I went on for the first time since the little accident and I was so hesitant when accelerating and scared of lifting the front of the bike and it wasn't as "fun".
Anyways, now for the question: is a yz450f too powerful for someone who has no experience with motocross's? If so what bike do you reccomend me? Or can I give it another go, taking it nice and slooow?
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