YZ450F trans problem anyone shed some light


Jun 2, 2007
OK i have a 2003 yamaha YZ450F


When the bike is iddling you can hear the gear box like a ticking gear when the bike is on its left side on the kickstand. When im driving it and when i go to 4th gear and give it some gas it pops in and out. Click click and the bike you can feel popping in and out of gear.

Now I have taken the motor apart and the gears are in good shape. there is some scuff marks on the Left Shift for gear. Im wondering if the LEFT shift fork is bent and its tapping the the other gear when its idling and when im cruising its not holding the gear in place???

Anyone ?


Jul 16, 2007
I had a 2003 Yz450F before I got my Honda, and I have to say, I had the same problem with the clicking and such. Although, I can't say that I have a remedy for it, as I just noticed it the ride before I sold the bike. I'm sorry that it doesn't help much, but in essence, my bike had the same issues.
- Heather
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