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Jul 18, 2006
Amo, IN
tylerelias said:
start once in awhile, and when it does it idles way to high. what should i do?

Check to make sure the throttle is closing all the way..

Try turning the idle screw counter clockwise.

It could also be that the cable is needs to be adjusted.


Apr 18, 2006
The "boot" is a flexible rubber coupling between the carburetor and the reed block. Instead of being rigidly bolted down the carburetor sort of floats between the reed block and the box for the air filter.

The boot usually attaches to both the carburetor and the reed block with a large hose clamp. It is possible that the hose clamp is loose or that the carburetor/boot has been knocked out of place and opened up an air leak.



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Apr 9, 2002
I would suggest by the sounds of things this may be beyond your abilities to troubleshoot. It may be wise to get someone else to help you out.


Jan 25, 2007
i would say that its the same thing that happened to mines it some how got dirty in there and i got a paper towel and and put a little bit of gas on it and wiped the slide all around and then got some carb cleaner and cleaned all the holes in the carb and then set my idle screw slowly and thne after that it was fine(and the problem was that the dirt that was in carb was stopping the slide from going all the way down and it was flooding it so it wouldnt start.
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