Aug 6, 2003
I'm looking for a new bike. I've got 3 vintages bikes right now(my dads) I ride mostly on the gravel roads back through the woods around my house, the gravel pit, and down on roads through the farm across the street. I sometimes try racing my friends who all have 125 mx bikes too. I've got a 1972 tl-125 4 stroke which is perfect for just cruising around; more of a play bike. A 1975 ty-250 trials bike that my dad competes with( i dont ride it much.) And a 1979 Bultaco 250 cross country with a mx motor in it. Its a heavy bike but when it hits its pretty amazing..but enough about the bikes i have. I've been looking at mostly new 125's because i recently rode a 2002 cr 125 on the track and it felt like it had wings compared to my ancient machines. I just want a fun light weight bike that has a lot of power, high revs, and can roost nicely:). I wont be doing much tight stuff, just burning down gravel/dirtroads with my friends and ocassionaly going to the track.

Heres some of the bike that I've been looking at
-all the 125 mx bikes (probably a yz or rm)
-ktm 200

I'm most interested in the 125s right now...since i've already got a play bike, and a comfortable trail bike. Would this be a mistake? Oh and dont recommend a kdx to me, i rode my friends and its too slowww :) k i'm done any feedback would be nice


Dec 6, 1999
Since all your friends have 125 mx bikes, I'd get a yz250f to be different.
It the most fun bike I've ever ridden and will roost nicely.

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