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  • Rich Rohrich
    Rich Rohrich replied to the thread Gutless KX500.
    Lots of guys stick heavy flywheels on open class bikes like this to try and tame them. For whatever an opinion is worth, it's a terrible approach. Once you get the stock setup...
  • Go Joe replied to the thread Gutless KX500.
    Thanks, the porting is stock, the power valve is timed correctly. Have ordered a new reed setup. Timing is correct. Not sure the reeds will make the kind of difference this...
  • Rich Rohrich
    Rich Rohrich replied to the thread Gutless KX500.
    Power valve SEEMS good? I know it seems obvious but when it comes to making power it's working correctly or it's not. NOT makes a huge difference. Do you have any idea if the...
  • I have a 1997 KX 500 that I just purchased, thinking it would be pretty kick ass. My 9 yr old's YZ-80 kicks it's ass. Never been on such a gutless KX. Compression is strong...
  • jonestony replied to the thread Whats goin on?.
    welcome to the forum.
  • Thanks appreciate the effort. The *.bmp are a little better but can’t upload them. I just wasn’t sure if it was something motocross related. I was thinking it could be.
  • Rich Rohrich
    Both products listed are basically lame aftermarket products that don't function better than the OEM parts. Given that fact Okie's answer is really the most appropriate one...
  • team-green32
    I'd just ride it.
  • team-green32
    What ever happened to the fun Okie? The Okie that was fun, hip, and excited to grow the site and started offering Lifetime Memberships? I haven’t been on Dirtriders forums for...
  • team-green32
    Okie, aren’t you getting a little salty to be answering questions that require a fun personality. Might I suggest a book about winning friends and influencing people?