From Five times World Champion Eric Geboers is missing, feared drowned, after jumping in a lake to save his dog at around 10:00 Sunday night. The 55-year-old was on a boat and jumped in to save his dog, say witnesses, but did not resurface. It was at the Miramar lake near Mol in Belgium. The fire brigade searched until 3:30 a.m. with spotlights and a sonar, and searche was resumed this morning with boats and a helicopter equipped with a heat-seeking camera.

The lake is up to 30 meters deep, is very cold and has some undercurrents. “The water can be very cold,” said Paul Rotthier, the mayor of Mol. “The missing person immediately ran into trouble after jumping in and the people who were with him saw him disappear under water, so we have to be realistic about…

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