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ESR rocketed into the suspension orbit in 2016 when Earl Shuler Racing (ESR) became famous for its WP 4CS fork mods at a time when WP’s 4CS forks had stymied most suspension gurus. ESR did this by ignoring the AMA Pro riders whom most big-name suspension companies catered to and, instead, focusing on real-world riders, especially Vet-class riders. It was not that Earl couldn’t make Pro-worthy 4CS forks; it was just that ESR wanted to help local racers. If you’ve never heard of Earl Shuler Racing, that’s because Earl is old school. Earl originally earned his reputation by building plush suspension for desert, Baja and cross-country racers, then switched his attention to SoCal’s large Vet motocross contingent where his 4CS mods made him the go-to guy for KTM racers.

The MXA wrecking crew knew who Earl Shuler was, but mainly because he and his son raced every week at Glen Helen. With each passing week, however, more and more Glen Helen racers showed up with ESR suspension on their 2015–2016 KTMs and Huskys. So, we decided to give his 4CS mods a try….

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