This is a test of the 1999 Honda CR125 from the 1999 January issue of MXA.

Interested in buying a new Honda CR125? Here are a few facts:
Engine: Water-cooled, 125cc, two-stroke, reed-valved engine.
Bore and stroke: 54mm by 54.5mm
Transmission: Five-speed, wet clutch.
Suspension: 12.1-inch Kayaba 46mm upside-down forks and 12.6-inch Kayaba shock (with 20 rebound clicks and 18 compression clicks).
Wheelbase: 57.2 inches.
Claimed weight: 192.9 pounds.
Price: $4899.
Those are the tech specs, but these are the questions that most riders want the answers to.


Honda has seriously mishandled the CR125 engine program. They went from awesome to mediocre in the span of three seasons. True, powerband tastes have changed, with the incredible YZ125 setting a standard for powerband width that no other…

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