2003 Kawasaki KX125 2 Stroke Project Build

This is Managing Editor, Daryl Ecklund’s personal 2003 KX125. When he bought it, is was just a box of parts. With the help of Jay Clark (Jay did all the work) it was transformed into this beautiful machine. Crank those speakers and enjoy the sweet sound of our project KX125 ripping around Comp Edge one last time before closing.

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Title : 2003 Kawasaki KX125 2 Stroke Project Build
Video Length : “08:33
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  • I would of just resold the whole thing, and bought something more complete. let this be a lesson to anyone buying project bikes, If he will sell it for 400 thats about what its worth. And if its in boxes that probably means there was a problem when he tried to rebuild it. And also from my personal experience, dont buy a bike whos generation lasted 2 years unless you love parts hunting. Damn 84 cr80.

  • Hopefully Suzuki and Kawasaki reconsider building new two strokes again. Racing and maintaining a 4 stroke is just too expensive compared to 2 strokes. Suzuki and Kawasaki could turn things around and boost their bike sales massively. in 2008 you bought a brand new Suzuki RM 250 for less then $6000. If i want a new YZ 250 or a KTM 250 these days i pay over $8000 just because of the demand and lack of competitors. Suzuki never sold as bad as they did last couple of years, either they step up there game with their four stroke bikes, or they start building the RM 125 and the RM 250 again so i could buy a brand new smoker for $6500 and with me a lot of others who just race for hobby or ride for fun. If Suzuki doesn’t step up their game with offering better and more off road bikes they should close shop and be honest towards their loyal longtime customers.

  • You bought a basket case for 400, and are going so far to make a video bitching about how hard it was and calling buddy out?
    Thanks for super enjoyable entertainment that your sponsors should be proud to be a part of?

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