2018 KTM 450SXF Factory Edition

For the final episode of The 18s we take you out to Glen Helen Raceway and get a closer look at the 2018 KTM 450SXF Factory Edition. New frame, longer swing arm, new suspension settings, new motor, new exhaust, and lighter are just some of the key changes for the 2018 FE model. To see more on this all new machine head over to dirtbikemagazine.com

Title : 2018 KTM 450SXF Factory Edition
Video Length : “04:10
Channel | User | Playlist : Dirtbike Magazine
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  • All IMHO here, but: MX bikes hit their apex with the Honda CR500… and maybe the XR600R… Yamaha YZ490 too.  Everything else since is a goofy looking hi-tech piece of shit water cooled and run by a fuel injection computer.  Who wants to think about all of that unnecessary shit?  This is girly-man low testosterone modern foofy overengineered crap.  Give me a good old air cooled big bore two stroke with a little more weight to haul my muscular 280lb frame around to make MX fun and I’ll have all that I need.

  • Please help. I always wonder why the new mx bikes are mostly just 4 strokes… why in the hell you would buy a 4 stroke bike when you can buy 2 stroke with less weight and much more power. I am no hater i just wonder. Please respond.

    • No idea who you are addressing there but the convo was civil until you showed up. Let’s try to keep it that way! True that a very highly tuned 4 will compete with a stock 2 but on that note the 2 is really cheap, light and easy to maintain. Not many people have the money or resources to tune a 4 that way as well. I love both motor architectures but they each have their strong points and weaknesses.

    • You also proved my point by admitting that only in your bullshit local series do they run the two together… I see your channel is comprised of gay ass video game playing so I have to assume you are a little bitch who sits in his mom’s basement eating hot pockets while trying to sound tough on the internet.

    • Lahms you are typical 4 stroke rider. 4 strokes had 18 years for researching the same strong engine as 2 strokes and now look at for example electric dirt bikes (no i am not joking) redshift MX can beat yamaha yz250f and they had a minimum time for research. 4 strokes are a big joke. 2 strokes and electric dirt bikes are having come back. KTM announce two 2 stroke bikes and a honda two 2 stroke bikes too. (Sorry for my english)

    • Lahms and stop bitching at people you fucking fat ass moron. You must be some fat ass kid watching anime all day. If you never ride a dirt bike or just a 4 stroke then stop complaiming you pussy.

    • Desert Mountain Preppers yes and no. Different plastic, bars, seat, airbox, engine map, some different bolt on parts. So they are similar bot you could feel the difference if you ride them back to back. Some prefer the Husky more mellow powerband, some prefer the KTM. Both are still produced at KTM factory in Austria and they do share alot of parts. But for each year they are trying to seperate them little by little. But in the end they are brothers. In the future we might see different frames and engine components to distinguishe them but for now they are similar. I personaly like KTM plastic shape more but i loved the previous white frame on the Husky.

    • do you think these will be the same bike as the production 2019 models coming this summer? I’m getting a new bike this yr. Got out of mx racing to do trail riding and got a wr 450 and decided i like track riding much better. Trails bore me to death within 15 mins. how hard are these factory editions to get?

    • Desert Mountain Preppers they will be close to what the 2019 will be, but there is more candy bolted on these FE editions. I know they only do certain amount of Numbers so you better be fast if you want one, talk with your local dealers.

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