2018 Vital MX Awards Racer of the Year: Jeffrey Herlings

Our first Vital MX Racer of the Year award goes to Red Bull KTM’s Jeffrey Herlings.

Title : 2018 Vital MX Awards Racer of the Year: Jeffrey Herlings
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    • That’s why Tomac put 30 seconds on him in moto 1 in Jacksonville! I don’t want to hear no shit about a mud race for mxon! When the track is fast Tomac went faster than Herlings!! Herlings wom swcond moto but so what when they were both fresh and at their best first
      Moto not tired from the heat or any crap like that head to head Tomac smoked him by 30 seconds!

      Now in rough conditions you have no argument from me apparently US riders ride I’m groomed conditions too much we only have 1 sand track a year Southwick and 1 mid race a year because we have good weather in North America and European circuit has shitty weather on like 35-40% of their races.
      So I agree overall rider Herlings takes it!
      But fair weather conditions he is not faster than Tomac! Even Jason Anderson smoked Herlings in Europe in mxon 2017!

    • +terry fonz so what your saying is tomac is better than herlings because he beat him on his rookie premier class season. And that Tomac is the best on groomed tracks, but herlings can race an actual rough mx race. I don’t care what anybody says Herlings can school Tomac any day

    • ​ terry fonz – I really like Tomac as well, he’s my pick for SX title this year. But Terry, please stop making Tomac excuses. Tomac is a SX specialist Herlings is a MX specialist. Tomac is amazing on occasion outdoors but Herlings is amazing week in, week out. Lets not forget when Herlings showed up to Ironman for his first ever MX National on a track he’d never ridden, with a one day format he’d never raced, on a borrowed US spec bike and went 1-1.
      Also, when you compare the two series, moto GP riders get to focus on MX (on far more demanding tracks) over a longer series (they spend more time actually racing do to the 2 day 3 moto format) than US riders SX/MX combined (again actual riding time not event dates). Maybe one day the US will put more emphasis on the outdoor nationals (I’d love that) and the US riders might then catch back up to the European riders. As for now, I don’t see US riders dominating GP riders anytime soon. Cheers

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