5 Tricks to Work Less and ADVENTURE MORE! XT225 Southern Utah in 4K

Beginner’s enduro dirt bike riding tips. For more advanced riding techniques visit the Forums @ DirtRider.Net.

5 Tips to get out of the rat race and ride on more adventures!
Skip right to tip 1: Put fear aside: 3:15 – Tip 2: Have a strong sense of what makes YOU happy: 4:21 – Tip 3: Have faith in yourself and in others: 7:30 – Tip 4: Shift to an intrinsic locus of control: 10:40 – Tip 5: Free yourself from debt: 12:05

Be sure to check out Misty and Jay’s channel! HAWK GIRL! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr3Q7PRHTCUB_DcC0OtYe8Q

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  • I KNOW you have a friend who NEEDS to see this video because they want to ride, and you want to ride with them! Go ahead and share it 🙂 And if you could ad your own tips to be more free, what would they be?

    • Having the “nicest things” without working for them probably isn’t an option for the majority of the audience. Most of us haven’t been blessed with a windfall of unearned cash. It has been necessary to work to earn the things we might want to have.
      So, “if you dont work but still have the nicest things,” why are you looking for anyone else’s approval?

    • Yes sir! We believe the stories that we tell our self. Good or bad, repeating friend or foe, like it or not… we believe the stories that we tell our self. It’s also important to: be the person you want to be, live the life that you want to live, so you can have those things true to your heart. Yes sir!

    • I got back into off-roading on an xt225…I put stiffer springs in and beat the snot out of it for 5,000+ miles off road. It has the coveted 6th gear, but rear spokes made of swiss cheese and good intentions. I still see it pop up on CL almost every 2 years on the nose, it’s great that the bike is getting more people off road.

    • Start with what you have and master the skill of maintaining your own machines. I’ve been doing the moto-life on 80’s JDM bikes for the last 12 years and have yet to have a bad time. Recently starting getting into adv and have built a 82′ gl500 adventure bike that will take me anywhere but the muddy stuff. But then again, I’ve probably spent more on r&d than I would have if I’d just gone out and bought a dr650 or other dedicated dual sports.

  • Wise words Tyler, I have come to believe and practice much of what you have said but it has taken me a long time to realize these things. So well said. Life is too short, take the road that makes you happy and help as many people along the way as possible and you will realize true happiness. Make the journey at least as important as the destination.

  • Watching this was one of the most encouraging and positive things I’ve ever experienced. Not because I didn’t know… those are exactly the things that have driven wifey & I to lead the life we do – we don’t believe in debt, or buying stuff to look good or any of that, we are not “rich” but man, our lives are rich 🙂
    No – rather it was because you said it so well, you spoke so much truth that I wish I was hearing from the media, politicians and even joe public, and, most of all, because you pointed out just how many of us 8 billion humans are wonderful human beings… it is true – anyone who travels with an open mind should know that.
    Great stuff mate, I hope you let your own words help yourself as much as they help others, stay on top and just remember that your attitude is exactly what the world needs and will make a difference 🙂

  • I know this is an old video but just watched it…. man just what I needed to hear. Thanks.
    You have a great talent for breaking down complex ideas into colloquial and interesting script.
    Thanks again 🙏

  • That was awesome, straight up awesome. But Oh man I want a new KTM, lol Dave Ramsey says to take the thing you have the most pride in and sell it. So no point in a new KTM because I would just have to sell it.

  • As a new comer to this facinating world of Adventure riding (and to two wheeled riding as well) I have watched many videos on technique, training, etc… Of all of these, I think this is the one has been the most informative. We all learn how to ride through experience and practice, but in this story Tyler helps us with probably the most important aspect of riding. The “Why” we ride. Cudo’s to you Tyler for helping me understand this. I know it will help me become a better rider and make riding more enjoyable.

  • Great video. What helmet camera did you use? The shots are soo smooth and steady. I thought maybe it was a drone but noticed they are all at eye level so must have been helmet mounted.

  • Hard work, willingness to take risks, understanding that “stuff” or status =/= happiness, and keeping debt minimal to zero. Recipe for success pretty much universally. 👍

    I’ve had to do debt for education to get the career I wanted.., but I practiced delayed gratification in possessions and paid off the debt early. Drove cheap used cars and lived frugally. I did take out a car loan recently for the perfect car-enthusiast family hauler, because timing (going out of production)… but it’s one debt, I put a big chunk down to minimize the debt obligation, and I am paying it off early. And I don’t go into debt for the 2-wheeled toys, period. Zero borrowing on bikes. And man, buying a cheaper bike for cash just seems to make it so much more fun. No bank obligation to worry about, just pure joy when I get out on those wheels and enjoy the outside. Much more gratifying to wrench on the $3500 bike than to stress over payments or damaging a $20,000 R1200GS. I have a Cagiva Gran Canyon that requires some TLC but is a lot of fun for commuting and ADVing, plus a Yamaha TW200 “farm bike” for playing on the acreage. No debt for either of them, just fun and entertainment playing outside on two wheels.

    And bang on with how minimizing or eliminating debt makes saving to buy stuff for cash quick and easy. As I got out from under the education loans, I put that payment into savings… and wow, it accumulates quick. We want to escape to the coast for the weekend? We just do it, because we’ve already saved the cash. No, it isn’t regular trips around the world, but it doesn’t have to be. Out here in the western US we have plenty of gorgeous places to experience that are very budget-friendly.

    Pro tip: as you pay debts off, put the payment amount (or at least some sizeable fraction thereof) into an savings account auto-deposit. As you stop paying the banks, you can start paying yourself, and getting ahead of that curve makes life a LOT lower stress. The self-discipline is work, but it’s well worth the effort.

    Plus one to minimizing Wastebook. I put it behind me last fall, my stress level is dramatically lower, life is more enjoyable. I still pay attention via more selective news (WSJ and Economist). Because yeah, you shouldn’t be ignorant of what’s happening in reality… but Wastebook isn’t a good source for that. Too much hyperbole, too much tribalism, not enough rational truth.

    Anyway… great video. Living the adventure and loving it. 👍

  • I’m going into work tomorrow because I love my job and I truely enjoy the hard work and challenges, I also just bought my first motorcycle so I guess I have to go to pay my debts as well haha. Great video as usual, Just found your channel last week and i’ve been watching your videos dreaming of getting out on my new bike and exploring the world.

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