Adam Cianciarulo: “A couple years ago I really thought I was screwed…”

How do you define champion? By seeing how they bounce back after adversity. Adam clearly had that covered this summer. Congrats, to the new 250 champ.

Title : Adam Cianciarulo: “A couple years ago I really thought I was screwed…”
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  • Looking forward to see what he can do on the 450’s! Been watching him since he first came on the scene. Good to see him healthy strong and winning. He has a great attitude. I hope the best for him. Get ready for SX. Should be an interesting season this next year!

  • Any rider who can go through what AC did, can handle anything.

    He went from being the next phenom, to the very bottom thinking his life was over, to losing the SX championship, to winning the MX championship.

    Congrats Adam, you have accomplished something much more than just winning a championship.

  • Total class act!! Absolutely earned it and overcame a heartbreak in SX to do it. Impressive…. If I was him, I’d train with Eli at altitude for a couple years before ET retires. It’s well established cardio benefit to live and train at altitude and along with Eli’s program, I think the change would be great for him.

  • I’m honestly really glad AC went through what he did. Learning that nothing is gna be spoon fed to you, Ricky went through it in his first 2 years in the 250s, AC is getting it out of the way early. Being a bigger guy I think he’ll do great on the 450 and will be in the history books soon enough.

  • Man Adam. I love you man! I was FL 125 A Champ in ’86! I was on that path, but burst fractured my C1 at Mini O’s Sx later that yr. Crushed arch after that. I did go 1-1 in 125 A on a Cagiva at ’88 Gatorback Winter Am. I had always followed amatuer mx. I remember seeing your name pop up back in mid to late 2000’s out of Port Organe, FL! I was overcoming a divorce and living on the beach in NSB. I was starting over from my cheating x and heartbroke… depressed… not myself… But the work and years of sacrifice to push forward came from that mx foundation deep inside of me. You’re a champion human being with a beautiful soul! I look forward to the FL rounds next year when I can walk up in a FOX tshirt and look you in your eyes and shake your hand. The way you carry yourself is that of a leader. And when the day comes that your career switches the gears of mx retirement, I feel you can rise to the top of anything in this world you set your mind to acheive. But most of all, you exemplify character of a solid good man with a kind heart and a lot of love. God bless your path! Thanks for this AMAZING 2019 SX/MX SEASON! It was epic!

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