Classic Dirt Bikes “1981 Suzuki RMX 125 Restoration”

This very nice little 1981 Suzuki RMX 125 was restored by Graham Ferguson of Mickey Oates Motorcycles in Glasgow Scotland. These 125 Suzuki machines of course were very innovative in their day as Suzuki’s first ever watercooled off-road machine. They were also reknowned for their monoshock “Full Floater” suspension. system

Other than the nearly one minute long intro that’s dripping cheese, these are some great vintage motocross bike videos. A lot of twin-shock & classic MX iron here!

Title : Classic Dirt Bikes “1981 Suzuki RMX 125 Restoration”
Video Length : “08:22
Channel | User | Playlist : Chris Montignani
Channel Link : [ GO! ]


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