Classic Dirt Bikes “1987 YZ490 Yamaha Twinshock Conversion”

This very nice bike is Billy Pentland’s 1987 YZ490 Yamaha Twinshock dirt bike. Billy took an old 1987 YZ250 Watercooled bike and converted it into a 1987 YZ490 Air Cooled open class dirt bike.

Other than the nearly one minute long intro that’s dripping cheese, these are some great vintage motocross bike videos. A lot of twin-shock & classic MX iron here!

Title : Classic Dirt Bikes “1987 YZ490 Yamaha Twinshock Conversion”
Video Length : “11:37
Channel | User | Playlist : Chris Montignani
Channel Link : [ GO! ]


  • Happy new year 🍺
    I really like the videos with the commentary after still having a headache from New Year’s Eve this was a good watch.
    Welding is rough around the edges and I wish he hadn’t used them bolts for the plastics but that’s just me, either way a lovely machine.
    Go on Billy.

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