Classic Dirt Bikes “C&J 500 Honda”

Another brief look at Ian Robertson’s C&J 500 HPF Replica. Ian built this bike from a new C&J Honda frame and then added a 500 XR Honda motor and all the other associated parts to make this vry nice fourstroke dirt bike.

Other than the nearly one minute long intro that’s dripping cheese, these are some great vintage motocross bike videos. A lot of twin-shock & classic MX iron here!

Title : Classic Dirt Bikes “C&J 500 Honda”
Video Length : “11:15
Channel | User | Playlist : Chris Montignani
Channel Link : [ GO! ]


    • frogsgottalent These particular shocks are vintage and were introduced by Bob Fox in the 1970’s. They were decent enough unit’s although suffered from overheating and occasional air bladder failures when ridden hard on tough tracks. But despite that they did the job but were not up to the standard of more higher quality hydraulic piggy back shocks. As far as I am aware there are modern versions available of this marque although I am not sure what they are like in terms of reliability and their overall performance.

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