Classic Dirt Bikes “Extremely Rare 1980 Wilcomoto 500”

Another rare British classic is this featured 1980 500 Wilcomoto of which it is reputed only 30 machines were ever built by the Hererford based company. The entire machine machine is designed, manufactured and built in the UK.

Other than the nearly one minute long intro that’s dripping cheese, these are some great vintage motocross bike videos. A lot of twin-shock & classic MX iron here!

Title : Classic Dirt Bikes “Extremely Rare 1980 Wilcomoto 500”
Video Length : “15:40
Channel | User | Playlist : Chris Montignani
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  • Thank You, Chris! Love your channel! I had never heard of or seen a Wilco before and that is one of the awesome thing I love about your videos. That and a lot of fond memory’s that come rushing back to mind while watching. The 70’s & early 80’s, I think were some of the best year for dirt bike development. Those were the days, to me anyway. I don’t mean to call the bikes of that time simple. But they sure were a lot simpler then than the dirt dikes of today!

    Question for you. Do you have any plans a for video on Rickman dirt bikes? Or video with Richman in it? I have watched a lot of your videos and often wonder if some of the bikes with the nickel plated frames are Rickman frames? Only reason I ask is, I have not seen one since the mid 70’s that a friend of mine owed. And I am thinking it must have been a real rare bike to have had here in the States. Maybe any where, I am not sure.

    Thanks Again!!!

    • You may be right although never had any info on the carb at the time and just assumed because it was British an Amal would have been the carb of choice.

  • Guys some of the details are maybe not 100% accurate in this clip as the info was a bit sketchy when I made the video and maybe I should have waited until I was in full possession of the facts before posting the clip. Nevertheless more accurate details have now been attainted so look out for a full feature on this very unique machine in a future issue of VMX Magazine. Coming Soon.

    • Tom Williams I think I already mentioned in the video that the remote rear suspension reservoir needed re-gassing this was how the bike was sitting down at the rear end.

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