Denver Supercross 2019 Press Day Colt Nichols

Motocross Action Magazine talks to Colt Nichols in Denver about Houston SX, his time spent away from racing the series, his performance in the 2019 season, and the future of the sport.

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Title : Denver Supercross 2019 Press Day Colt Nichols
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  • On my speakers here on the end of the fan, I have a lot of “base reverb”. It sounds like a rapers car stereo rattling loose the body parts.
    Why is today’s communication technology from phones, to radio, to anything we need to hear,—so inaudible?

    You can hear Neil Armstrong on the moon in 1969, (and phone land lines in the 70’s), much better than the “top technology” today.
    Colt is one of the new guys I hope will make men of American racers again. πŸ™‚

  • Working hard because you love what you do, is only fun for so long. Look at anybody who won more than 5 championships. Show me one interview where they said, “I just want to have fun”, during those championships. You may be able to find one or two who mentioned it in a interview over 3 decades of racing, but more than half of the racers interviewed will say it at every race today. 5 championships does not happen because you have fun, (I can do that on any trail ride). It happens because you get the job done,—better than any one.
    From Joel Robert/DeCoster, to Villapoto/Dungey,—Find one who put fun before getting the job done. “Worked a little harder during the off season”—like Baseball? You can trail ride a richer man, if you get the job done now.

    • There is nothing more “fun”, than winning. There is nothing more fun, than building self esteem by winning. It takes work, building that self esteem, and it is not always fun. “Get the job done, better than any one!”, because what else can be more fun, than beating every one? Yea, I did not even know there was an off season in this sport,—but work harder during it, and get the job done,—————————while you have the opportunity. “As long as I am having fun”, is an excuse for not wanting to put in the work to win, (Lets call, I just want to have fun, “Travis Pastrana syndrome”, who was one of the few on the planet who had enough talent to beat RC,—but never did). Sorry. It is what I see.

    • I sure admire his “I picked my own career path”, (if based on his own rational judgement, and probably was), a lot!!
      That is what the best human beings do, they think for themselves and stay rooted in reality around them to help make the best decisions for them selves. The bigger the scope of true reality around you, (not a false reality you believe, saw on line or made up, there is only one reality for us to figure out), the better your decisions will work out for you. Keep doing that, and I will expect to see Mr. Nichols win 2 motos at the MXofN in 4 years. Damn, would I love to witness the greatness of the individual again, like the old days. πŸ™‚

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