Eli Tomac: “I felt like I would have been up front no matter what.”

Eli had a strange day, with a heat race DNF, and having to work through the LCQ, but he also had that feeling again tonight, and he grabbed another 450 win.

Title : Eli Tomac: “I felt like I would have been up front no matter what.”
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    • I just don’t think eli has really found his comfort zone on the 19. He just doesn’t have it dialed in like the last few years. Dude was scorching on the 17 and 18 models. Hopefully they can get their outdoor bike dialed. Looking for a 3peat this year!!!

    • Missy Weii I think Kawi has been struggling with bike setup. The KTM’S just seem smoother. I highly doubt the motor is making more power. Maybe a different power curve that gives the KTMS more torque?

  • All the years riding and Marv and Webb still cannot ride whoops.
    Webb does not deserve the title, he is not the best rider out there only the luckiest. Did anyone listen to RC comment during race on Webb, talk about Webb’s unprofessional attitude in heat race and him doing the identical move in main that took him out in the heat race. ROOKY and is not that fast. Points leaders should be Roczen and Tomac, not the KTM team they are not as skilled

  • Eli scared me in that LCQ with all the smoke. But he but down some great laps in the main JOEY SAVATGY FUCKD THE RACE UP FEEL BAD FOR KEN HE WAS GOING FOR THE PASS AND HAD THE SPEED

  • Aboveital. The points leader should be who the points leader is LMFAO. There have been times this year where Roczen was the fastest, Eli was the fastest, Marvin was the fastest, Webb was the fastest, and others like Baggot or even Barcia. The riders put themselves in the positions they put themselves in. Their SKILL gets them into those positions. So your opinion on Webb is valid. Others like his attitude and the excitement it brings to the track. Opinion aside. Webb’s doing something right. Good starts when needed. And there isn’t a rider he hasn’t beat straight up this year. Yes he has had struggles but no different than the nights where Kenny was off the pace and everyone’s shaking their heads and the same with Tomac. We’ll see who holds it together the best over 17. 3 to go and anything can happen. Just ask Forkner.

  • A total shame they had crappy dirt with a lot of rock and junk in it. Eli looked pretty annoyed about that. I agree they can do better than that. No excuses if the dirt was crap. Glad Eli got the win but how lucky can Webb get? Everyone behind him kept crashing and the restart? wow!! Dude has more luck than sense… I was hoping Musquin would take him out but after the restart Musquin had an average night, nothing great.. Too bad..

  • I agree with him I took one look at that track and was disappointed with all the rocks and shit in it, I thought for sure someone was going to take a giant rock to the face.

  • Congrats Eli – looks like he’s “feeling it” again (spa day?) Still looks like his suspension isn’t up to par like Roczen’s. I know KAW is KYB and Honda is SHOWA and you can definitely see the difference in the race video. I hope the team can dial it in for Denver. You da man!!!

  • You ride a DIRT bike! Grow the fuck up, if you can’t race in rocks and trash you’re a pussy. Our arrogance proceeds your inconsistency to ride, like RC said you have all the tools and team and you still can’t get your mind right. You saying that you weren’t yourself in heat races or mains makes you sound like pre teen girl. You’re whiny and annoying

  • It would be cool to see an in depth interview with Tomac explaining what makes him so successful from attitude to physical training to bike setup. My guess would be above average retention and above average abstract thinking. Does he do brain exercises to improve these processes? Thanks for the video.

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