Inside the all new 100% Armega goggle

Motocross Action Magazine headed to San Diego to 100% for a special product launch yesterday to check out the all new Armega goggle. This new goggle has some unique features and took over 2 years of development to come to the market. Sit back and see what Charles Castloo from 100% has to say about this all new product. We look forward to testing these new goggles out at the track and giving you some more feedback in an upcoming issue of Motocross Action Magazine

Title : Inside the all new 100% Armega goggle
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  • Last Goggle i´ve bought of 100% was
    the Racecraft+ for 120 usd.
    After every ride i have sweat in my Eyes…
    My other 100% Goggle for 70usd. doesnt have this Problem.

    But ima buy the Armega goggle for sure!

    • 27tb I feel the same way. My racecraft look sick af but they get sand and sweat and dirt in my eyes. The accuri doesn’t do any of that… but what’s my complaining gonna do? Nothing lol I’m still gonna buy them cause they look McTitties! Gotta look good going slow!

  • Wish I knew these were coming out before I asked my fiancé to get me another pair of race craft goggles for Christmas last year.  I like the large modular lenses, reminds me of my spy doom snowboarding goggles.

  • The design of 100% goggles are great but the lens are too easily scratched without having tear offs. One ride without tear offs and they are ruined.

  • 3 main things I personaly want in a goggle.

    1. Extra wide field of view.
    2. Doesn’t Fogg when its cold and your sweaty.
    3. Comfortably fits to your face.

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