JGR Suzuki Stage 2 Engine Kit Testing

Motocross Action was invited out to Perris, MX in Southern California to test out the Stage 2 engine kits from JGR. This is technology that has trickled down from the factory race team and has been made available to the public. Suzuki and JGR have partnered to offer products that increase durability and help performance on both the RMZ250 and RMZ450. Check out what Josh Mosiman and Dennis Stapleton had to say about our first day of testing on these engine packages.

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Title : JGR Suzuki Stage 2 Engine Kit Testing
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  • While I appreciate a thematic video with interviews, riding and technical data, I think it would be more believable to actually document the stock bike verses the JGR kits instead of just mentioning the stock feel. It is understandable you have to appeal to the masses in these videos to push the product and the magazine article is supposed to provide more information which is also pushing your magazine product. I am sure there is a lot of red tape that does not allow y’all to dyno test etc. Although I am sure it takes a significant amount of effort filming and editing these videos. Gotta compliment the plug and play type set up of this product for people who are new to racing, lazy or just need more power! Suzuki is mimicking what Harley Davidson does with their stage 1 through 4 engine packages except obviously just 1 and 2. I feel like that could be an easy future for all the major dirt bike brands from the dealer where they essentially bolt one these race team tested parts. They could create a warranty program with it too bringing in some real money. Just some thoughts. Subscribed!

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