OEM Tech: Swapping Bar and Peg Positions on KX450

Kawasaki KX’s have adjustable bar mounts and adjustable footpeg positions. Swapping them is fairly easy but there are a few tips to keep in mind to help things go smoothly. Most people that own Kawasaki’s never even try any of the available cockpit configurations, but peg and bar placement can drastically change the way the bike feels to the rider.

Title : OEM Tech: Swapping Bar and Peg Positions on KX450
Video Length : “09:41
Channel | User | Playlist : Vital MX
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  • What’s the preferred setting for a 5’9″ guy with a avg reach? I feel like lower pegs at the local level would always be better. The pressure you can weight the forks is far less by moving back. For me racing 2t bikes that isn’t a issue but my old kx450’s needed way more fork height than what that thing had.

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