One Lap: Joey Savatgy on Thunder Valley

Joey is making his return after injuries sustained during the Supercross season, and he spent part of Friday getting reacquainted with his Monster Energy Kawasaki, and the Thunder Valley circuit.

Title : One Lap: Joey Savatgy on Thunder Valley
Video Length : “03:17
Channel | User | Playlist : Vital MX
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    • His endurance is fine I am sure. He spent a lot of time with the GOAT to help figure that out. The problem is starts are so crucial, because the rest of the track is so easy, a talented guy can’t get ahead. Tracks used to separate the talent, (as they are suppose to do), and there was a day when a talent like Joey could crash in the first corner—and still win. Yet RC today, (who did that the most when the tracks did separate the talent), says this close racing is exciting. RC does not realize how many championships he would have lost with the easy tracks today, with 10th place only 1.5 seconds a lap slower. DEPORT THE FIM!! They are destroying our talent.

  • I like Joey better without the isis beard.
    Just more professional, sharp looking clean cut guy.
    If the Amish people would shave their beards and dug electricity, they could be making the best dirt bikes. πŸ™‚

  • Watch the live lap times here,, while you watch the race or not. You will see the tracks are so easy, (killing the USA talent), that the 250 lap times will be about the same, from 1st to 40th as the 450 lap times from 1st to 40th. It used to be, when the tracks separated the talent, (before the FIM took control of our private track owners like they did our SX which we invented in 1972), the 125 would be about 3 or 4 seconds slower than the 250, (not including RC and JS, who were some of the only who matched the bigger bike speeds on a smaller bike.). DEPORT THE FIM!!!!,–or we will suck forever. I want to see somebody be “Great”, not everybody be “Average!!!!!!

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