STOP SUCKING OFF ROAD! 4 Basic Dirt Bike, Enduro, and Dual Sport Motorcycle Riding Tips

Beginner’s enduro dirt bike riding tips. For more advanced riding techniques visit the Forums @ DirtRider.Net.

It’s time I learn how to ride an enduro motorcycle off road! Or relearn, I guess. After a recent surgery and break from the dual sports and dirt bikes, I “unlearned” bad habits and replaced them with proper riding techniques and positions. These 4 riding tips have made an ENORMOUS difference in riding dirt bikes and dual sports off road! I have more stamina and less ache. I ride faster, more in control, and with far more confidence with these simple suggestions. So if you have any questions about how to ride a dirt bike, you MUST LEARN THESE BASICS!

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  • Great video!  Just got my first bike, a Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled and although I got it with the intent to take it off road all the time, I’ve crashed almost every time!  I’m 38 and didn’t grow up riding, but have always been fascinated with motorcycles.  The on road stuff seems a lot more intuitive and I’ve been having a blast this winter (even though its been mostly in the mid 30’s this winter, here in Utah County)  Anyway, I’m stoked to go out and try theses techniques and see if I can stay on my bike for once!  And just so you know, your channel is one of the big influences in finally getting a bike, like I’ve always wanted.  Killer channel!  And if you’re still recovering from your surgery, best of luck with the recovery!

  • To learn to control the bike with my bodyweight and legs I used to ride down mountain roads with no hands. After a few days of training I could ride down any paved road no handed with ease. Once on the trails this translates into massive reductions in armpump

  • Another way to say athletic stance is think about how you stand to ride a bike real fast and you take turns pedaling fast your not standing straight and you can maneuver the bycicle in Amy way and it’s a lot easier than if you are standing straight. Also just when your riding straight try just throwing the bike side to side under you you have so much more control. If you try that standing straight up you will lose control due to rapid bike movements and can result in a slide or to sharp of a turn can actually launch you off of it do to your body weight being in one spot and the bike in another if that helps anybody

  • Hi Tyler, enjoyed your video while it is snowing here in Ontario, Canada. It’s my day off and I was looking for a few videos with tips for riding off road as my off road riding definitely needs work. I (Summer) enjoyed this again today and appreciate the tips as reminders for the upcoming season. After being off my motorcycle for almost six months again, it is great to refresh on the key body positioning to keep in mind. Have a great day!

  • Dude, so glad to see you back on yer bikes! I just got my first (used) KLR. A 2011 with 11K miles on it and I absolutely love it. I’m 55 and haven’t owned a motorcycle in just over 30 years…. and I figured that if you could do it from ground zero, then I should be able to get in better shape, have fun like I did when I was younger and get back to having excellent adventures. Why am I telling YOU this? Because your videos that I have been watching for the last couple years motivated me, and made me remember how much fun I wasn’t having these last few decades. Thanks man, you rock! Loved the lessons and another well done video.

  • Great video. Perfect length. Enough explanation, some great first-person examples of these tips in use, but not overly lengthy. Thanks for posting. I have never been good on dirt, but I am gonna get the little TW200 farm bike out and do some practice!

  • One thing i personally believe can help quite allot, if you live in the right area for it anyways, is hopping on a MTB and riding some crazy trails in your area when you can’t get the motor out. The bikes may be completely different machines but as a novice dirt rider it’ll give you principles that you can transfer over to your enduro riding (especially if you’re riding the DH stuff); you learn things like line choice, how different surfaces react traction wise and honestly i think it taught me balance too (could do the no hand tank grip within my first 2-3 days of owning a motorcycle, but i have been riding some pretty serious MTB since i was about 6-7 haha). Like i said they are completely different machines but enduro/dual sport does use allot of the same principles, just think it’s off road on two wheels.

  • Great tip about keeping the weight with your toes on the pegs. I learned the hard way by wrapping my foot under a root and around the peg by keeping my weight over the arches of my feet. Long time before real offroad boots were available and the steel shank of the boot wrapped itself around the peg, too. More damage to the boot than my foot, but since then I keep my toes protected and tucked in over the pegs.

  • Do another video about the proper weight shift for riding up and down steep hills. I see too many riders on good bikes who just can’t seem to understand you need to look in the headlight going up a hill and slide way back on the seat on steep downhills. I’m 70 years old and still ride for fun and really enjoy it once all those learned tricks switch on like the autopilot. It makes riding dirt so much more fun.

  • I’ve only ridden a few times and would love to get into time willing. But the stance thing is just natural to me and made sense. Granted I did ride bicycles a lot so it may have been from that. The foot facing outward, I have done so that is useful. The arms facing outward, again came natural to me. These are great tips though for those who develop bad habits early.

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