Weston Peick Injury Update

We had the pleasure of joining Toyota and the team at Supercross out at Cycle Ranch in Floresville, Texas. There we met up with Weston Peick to sit down and get an update on his horrific injury he sustained several months ago while racing. Weston is staying in shape, staying active in the motocross community, and keeping positive as he navigates through this career set back. We look forward to seeing how Weston over comes this injury and moves forward. If anyone can make a return to professional racing after a crash like that, its Weston Peick.

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Title : Weston Peick Injury Update
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  • In all honesty out of all the riders I have a ton of respect for WP…. I remember watching this dude struggle without a pro ride, and kept putting in the work, and putting in the work. He has been fast don’t get me wrong, but he had to really step up his game mentally to get on the race pace. He never backed down, pushed hard, didn’t start out with a factory ride then earned one through privateer racing. Kind of in heard of now days… Get better soon big guy! Good Lords gotcha homie!

  • Nerve injuries are the worst. They mess with your mind. Not knowing what the outcome will be provides hope and despair all at the same time. Good luck WP! Keep your friends and family close.

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