First Look: 6D ATR-2 Helmet

We sit down with 6D founder, Bob Weber, to discuss the technology in their latest motocross helmet, the ATR-2. From there we chat about not only concussions that motocross helmets try to prevent, but traumatic brain injuries and what they’ve done to combat this specifically.




  • So the Snell std is set to take and impact the brain can’t survive, this is one of the big misconceptions and why I don’t wear and won’t wear a Snell rated helmet, I want my helmet to disperse energy away from brain not into it, I have broken my neck had a brain injury and 10years later still ride and still have head issues, currently wear a Leatt, a 6D Helmet has me curious and sounds pretty impressive around the technology and probably the only other Helmet I’d consider, I always wear a neck brace as well and it’s proven itself too quite a few times and still can’t believe the ignorance around Helmets and neck braces.

  • I’ve been comparing hi tech helmets and this video really helped me understand without hype what all these features do and how they work. Narrowing down my new helmet purchase has not been easy given that Leatts 6.5 and Klims new F5 Koroyd are safety inspired helmets. After seeing the cervical, clavicle and chin multiple improvements, I believe that 6Ds ATR=2 is the best choice for me.

    PS, the photobomber guy making faces remindes me of Marco Rubios infamous water clip.

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