After a ten-year enduro and motocross career, Bror Haglund turned things around to become a Husqvarna factory mechanic for some of the world’s leading riders. But let’s start from the very beginning – back in the old days…

Born in March 1941, Bror (meaning Brother) saw his first race at the age of seven when he went to a 1,000-metre speedway event in 1948.
“I was impressed by the Norwegian, Basse Hveem who had his gear in perfect order, besides being a good rider,” remembers Haglund with a smile on his face. Ten years later Bror Haglund took part in his first race. It was an enduro by the name of ‘Shellkannan’ – the Shell trophy. Unfortunately, Haglund had engine problems and was forced to retire in his debut.

In the same year of 1958, 17-year old Haglund went to work for Tage Nyholm, a well-known engine tuner, based in Stockholm.
“I learnt turning work, lathing camshafts and other machine challenges,” says Haglund. “I did it during my spare time when doing my military service nearby. It gave …
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Article / post by: Geoff Meyer

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