2018 Sherco SC300 2 Stroke

Off-Road 2-Stroke Bike Reviews

For this edition of Offroad 2 strokes we take a look at the 2018 Sherco SC300 . Clay Stuckey, the importer out of Tennessee, shipped an SC300 and an SE300 two-stroke out for us to test, and we took them out of the boxes just a few days ago. The SC300 is for more open spaces and higher average speed. The SC has no headlight and it has a closed-cartridge WP fork with more aggressive settings than the open bath fork on the SE. The SC also gets an FMF exhaust system. The SC300 sells for $9300. It has the same smooth low end that makes the KTM 300 work so well, but the carburetion is actually a little cleaner. Everything about the bike is super well refined. It starts easily, it runs crisply and it’s very hard to stall. The power is about what it should be for a 300 two-stroke, and there’s a switch on the handlebar that lets you tame it down if you’re in really tight stuff and you don’t need full boost. This isn’t like the map switch on other bikes where it’s hard to tell a difference. The Sherco’s switch really does something!

via Dirtbike Magazine


  • It’s crazy they have to use a Honda front number cause they don’t have their own yet. Only ones with headlights. My friend has this bike in the 300 4stroke and the suspension was terrible also had to keep putting money into the just to get it so it wouldn’t beat the hell out of him. He was also faster on his KTM 300 last year.

  • Its supernice but my experience says yamaha makes the best toys. They hold there value and they are built extremely well. If it aint a yamaha itd have to be a honda if they still made 2 strokes.

  • I am sitting here watching this video thinking back to when i worked with the importer. He always made comments he didn’t need magazines because they didn’t have a clue on how to review a bike because they didn’t know what they are doing. Its funny to hear the importers sales pitch repeated by dirtbike. Come on Dirtbike, put it up against the other brands like KTM, Yamaha and the new GASGAS and watch the Sherco for the most part fall behind.! The bike has not changed from 2014 except parts that failed on the customers. The bike was good in 2014 but has quickly fell behind with the other brands doing new things and upping the game. They have simply done very little. I am also not saying any other brand is perfect but at least they try to move forward instead of staying complacent and just selling bikes. More people will start saying how they really feel soon and not worry about the negative comments that are made for speaking there mind. Garrett you will be in the dog house now for saying what you did. You will probably be getting a text soon from you know who!

    • Dave Roanhouse is just butt hurt for personal reasons. This guy used to praise the bikes and now posts only negative crap because his deal fell through with the distributor for whatever reason.

    • Its funny how you think you know my position. My deal didn’t fall through with him i dropped the support to him. Your correct i did praise the bikes at one time. At that time they were the best bikes out there but that has changed over the past couple of years. Also i was asked to say those things by the importer and i went along with it. BIG MISTAKE. I like how he tells people that it was just to much for me to handle and i just didnt know the industry or the product. Hell i was the one actually fixing the bikes in my basement for guys because no information was available for them to figure out how to fix them other then to just throw parts at it.

    • Like Dave I also praised my 2014 because it was a light weight agile bike. Like Dave I was told by the importer not to post things online to highlight issues. At first I gave the importer the benefit of doubt that the parts were lost in shipping, MSO was MIA in the mail and “I was the only one having this problem” (even through replacement parts were sold out). Funny thing is post marked on the package shows he shipped after I complained to him,,,, several times! I even thought why would he ship a bike to Hawaii in complete disarray covered with mud and missing parts????  I became tired of defending him and his business attitude. Now my service on my 2017 bike is non-existent and the part I did order I had to cancel after 2 months of waiting. While I love the bike’s handling and know first hand it’s not as durable as the other brands, service is what will keep me from purchasing another.

    • Please explain where you think Sherco has been complacent? Their two strokes have only been out since 2014, would you expect a full redesign in 3-4 years? They have made improvements all over the bike (starter system, linkage, wheel bearings, cooling, plastics, etc). Is it the four strokes you think they fell behind on? If so, in what area?

  • I have a 2014 version of this bike. It’s been a great bike in every way and I still wouldn’t change anything about it. IMO the other brand is just catching up to the Sherco, not what was suggested that it’s falling behind. It was ahead of it’s time 4 years ago. In fact it’s so good I have no desire for a new one. Just my opinion.

  • When will manufactures realize that we as the riders really want the kick-starter as a back up and the weight difference is very minimal compared to the piece of mind it gives you.

  • They put the wrong wrap on it from the factory….may not be a dig deal but the fact it came fucked up from the factory and this is the first review I’ve seen of a sherco…oh boy haha

  • B-but, where’s it made?! If it’s a Chinese import, you may as well invest it in a 1979 Honda XL185. Keep in mind, you can’t get parts for these Chinese shit bikes no matter WHAT people tell you! They’re JUNK! (no pun intended)

    • I guess for $9300 it had BETTER be made outside China! Also, looks too good to be made in France. Maybe they finally got their shit together and quit producing vehicles so ugly as to scare small children. Know anything about the engines? Are they junk like the Japanese “Big Four” modern 4 stroke singles? You know, 20 to 30 hour engine life? Gimme an old Yamaha TT500 any day! (3 so far and an SR500/650)

    • It is a racing bike made from the best possible parts without compromise. Completely manufactured in Sherco (France). Yamaha is great but in extreme enduro is not even a real compettor.

    • Yamaha’s TT500’s are “dinosaurs”. heavy, so-so suspension, but, reliable as a bowling ball and….fun! back in olden times, a bunch of us mechanics and parts department people from John Deere Industrial in Oxnard, California would “convoy” out to the Mojave Desert an hour and a half away to camp and ride. One guy had a new Honda CR500, maybe 1988. We swapped bikes to ride. I went about 200 yards and came back. I didn’t like the “modern” suspension that put the seat height another foot higher than my TT500. Plus, it was a 2 stroke. Something about two strokes that just bother me. Lack of low-end torque I guess. If you’d like to read my book, “The Dirt Gang”, post your email address. It’s about my life riding dirt bikes during the “Golden Age” of dirt bikes (1965-1985) The forward is written by Rick “Super Hunky” Sieman, the great man who brought us Dirt Bike Magazine back in June of 1971. Lots of vintage pictures, etc. Oh, by the way, my TT would out-climb that CR500.

    • yes the enduros are made in France but the trials bike is made in Spain top shelf stuff for sure they win their fair share of races a championship or two in the books already

    • You sure Spain has a reputation for great Trials machines? Oh, that’s right, there’s Bultaco with it’s Sherpa T, GasGas, Sherco, Ossa and its Mick Andrews replica, etc; etc. I’ve owned American, German (Maico 440) British (Norton, BSA) and assorted Jap but never a Spanish motorcycle…yet!

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