Thor Sentry XP Protector Review by Atomic-Moto

Thor Sentry XP Protector

The Sentry XP is an outstanding piece of boy armor and a BOMBER deal. Check it.

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  • Can you please run a follow-up to this review with a field test review? I’m
    wondering how it feels while riding and if you run a jersey over the guard,
    do you feel like a line backer?

    • +Atomic-Moto
      Thanks again for your reply and your opinion..that’s correct, mxer’s
      typically only use a roost guard but my feeling is that this is slowly
      changing and most tracks now want riders wearing hard plastic chest guards.
      You even see top factory riders like Tomac, Canard, and Barcia wearing
      armor under their jerseys. Besides removing the kidney belt and cutting the
      forearm straps, were there any other mods that you made? Are the shoulder
      pads removable? I see a zipper located by that area.

    • +LeanN Mean

      LnM….few MX’ers use pressure suits, but you prob already know that. IMO
      this would be one of the better ones to use, because of the stretch and the
      venting. You are correct about the jersey holding it in place a bit. For
      reference, I cut the straps off the forearms, because of this…you may or
      may not want to do same.

    • +Atomic-Moto Thank you for your response! I’m a motocrosser and was looking
      to run this under my jersey so when you say it’s “loose until you add a
      jersey”, I’m assuming that’s a good thing because the jersey will secure it
      to your body so it doesn’t move around a lot? Thanks for commenting about
      the feel, seems like it’s stretchy just like all the current compression
      workout base layers athletes use. By the way, I appreciate your product
      review, there’s not much on the Sentry XP online.

    • +LeanN Mean Hello LeanN Mean. We shot a field review 2 weeks ago, but sound
      issues prevent it from being published. The Sentry definitely does NOT have
      a bulky, “linebacker” feel, exactly the opposite. It is stretchy, almost
      loose until you add a jersey over it. We ran it with the kidney belt
      removed, which made it feel even lighter. It is one of the lightest-feeling
      pressure suits sold.

      More info:

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