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  • I was at the St. Louis race last year where Reed held Dungey up and wouldn’t let him by. I’ve always liked Chad (except for when he stopped racing outdoors) but I was a little disappointed in him after that race was over. I felt bad for Ryan that night. He could have thrown a major fit like most guys would have, but he handled it like he does everything else, by being a professional, and with class. Although I was a Villopoto fan during your career, I’ve always admired and respected the way you went about your racing career and enjoyed watching you race. You were good for our sport and you will be missed. Enjoy your retirement!

    • I was there too…I was ready to climb into the track and toss a stick in Reed’s spokes. That kind of stuff is very rare and childish in our sport. I lost much respect for Chad over that. They should have black flagged him.

  • C’mon Chad. We can see right through this interview. Your miffed he has the same amount of sx titles as you and James combined. Granted you and James were missing a lot of these races due to injury etc. He still is the champion.
    Ryan would have won on any brand.
    He knew the season was a marathon & how to stay on the track & podium.

    • P Bau
      He’s owned & raced on many teams (Unless your Not in or follow the sport & remember when Rodger Decoster left Suzuki in 2010 follow the economic collapse & Dungey followed the following year. “Leaving a team you just won the title as a rookie” same tean REED came up a couple points shy to Stewart & RC won Titles with was ballsy”)
      When it comes to the bikes Honda & KTM have been the best the last couple of years in all the testing & shoot outs.
      But ET3 was able to win a lot on his Kawi…

    • I still respect Reed for what he has accomplished in this sport. Yes he should have many more titles & we all know that. We know he raced as a cornerstone in an era of the best riders ever. We see he can still bring it but Chad, you are in a young man’s sport at 36 with a great young family & bright future yet in the sport but now in a different role. Please quit testing the odds & be happy with what you have done as much as we are. Thank You. Once a Champion always a Champion.

  • FYI: Dungey was the 2nd rider to win the Premier Championship his rookie year the other being McGrath.
    But let’s not forget Reed’s 03 rookie year against RC the “GOAT” he actually beat RC & Won more races including the last 6 straight but lost the title by like 7pts because of a couple not great finishes

  • That deal at St. louis pissed me off. I was in the stand watching Ryan come threw the field and got close to Tomac and then a damn lapper gets in the way off the battle we all wanted to see. But i will always like Reed as a rider he will always be one of the greats.

  • After Reed’s chicken shit move last year while being lapped, I’ve lost respect for the dude. He’s still the same crybaby at heart as he has always been. Grow up Reed. Ffs! Love the gear though!

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