Asterisk Ultra Cell Motocross Knee Brace



The Ultra Cell™ Knee Protection System is built on more than 10+ years of time-tested and proven designs. Several patented revolutionary design concepts come together in unison to create this System: the A.R.C. Cuff has the ability to be totally adjustable for fit, yet remain rigid; simple, low profile strapping features a single finger release; a natural free-motion, rolling-gliding hinge follows the natural movement of the knee; carbon fiber matrix, tibial plateau-capturing frame design provides strong, yet lightweight protection: brace-to-boot tether attachment helps prevent lower leg rotation; plus the full-time, full-coverage patella cup offers superior coverage. This Knee Protection System is truly decades ahead of all the rest.
Sold in a pair of Left and Right in both the same size.



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    • Tanner, that’s a good questions. I haven’t ridden in these yet so it’s hard to give a direct comparison but i’l tell you what i can. Biggest thing i noticed is the Ultra Cell padding is pretty thick around the cuffs, the Mobius has a lower profile. But maybe that isn’t a concern for you. They’re both comfortable and I am a big fan of the Boa system on the Ultra Cell. Mobius’ straps are wide and comfortable too and they do a good job staying in place. I’ve been riding in the X8 for over a year now and have no complains aside from a little chafing underneath my knees. I’ve sent mine in to be refurbished and they were sent back to me extremely fast. Asterisk offers this as well.
      Both have really good knee protection but I especially like that the Ultra cell’s hinge system is asymmetrical. The last thing to consider is price. The X8 is quite a bit less. However, if you decide to go with the Asterisk, check out the cell brace. We have a video on that one too. Same technology, just different cuff and straps but you’ll save some money and they’re a little more low profile. Hope this helps.~Chase

    • Not at all! Truth is, they’re all good braces and it always come down to what the rider likes. For example, i really like the X8 and I’ve been wearing them for two years. However, I’ve talked to some riders who say they don’t like them much at all and prefer and different brace. Everyone has their reasons for why they like or think one is better than another. Best advice i can give is ask questions on the product page and read reviews. If there are any other questions i can answer, let me know.~Chase

    • Thanks a lot for the explanation Chase.
      I live in Europe, have the Asterisk, and thought it was some of the best. I was just admired that they were not on your Top 5 list.

  • If you buy these. DO NOT BUY THEM WITH BOA STRAPS! Why might you ask? I purchased a set of Ultracells with the BOA system 2 years ago and the upper BOA strap chafed me so bad at the end of a harescramble (about 90 minutes of woods racing) I would be bleeding out of the back of my legs. The lower strap wasn’t a problem but the upper strap has a serious design flaw. So after about a year of dealing with the chafing I called Asterisk about the problem before I could finish my sentence they replied “The straps are chafing you?” I said yeah. At that time they said they were working on a new BOA system to eliminate the problem I don’t know if they have updated it yet but I still wouldn’t buy BOA straps. I asked if I could have the BOAs changed out for regular straps and the tether system removed since I didn’t use it. They said “Of course!” I loved these braces before because of the amount of protection you get I personally think they are second to none in that regard but now having the regular straps which make the brace a little less bulky and no more chafing I think these are the best off the shelf braces money can buy. Whether it’s RM or Asterisk you buy them from do yourself a favor by calling them and buying them with regular straps.

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