Best Motocross Knee Braces | 2018

Featured MX Knee Braces For 2018!

We’ve hand selected what we believe to be the best MX knee brace brands in the industry! Pod K8, K4 & K1 Youth, Mobius X8, Alpinestars Fluid Tech and EVS! The need for a customizable and personalized knee brace is huge to help reduce any injury to the knee. Ride with confidence, with the best of the best knee braces available. Get all your protection gear available at! Get Ready.

Alpinestars Knee Brace!

EVS Knee Brace!

Mobius Knee Brace!

Pod Knee Brace!

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Title : Best Motocross Knee Braces | 2018
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    • ive got the Pod K4’s too. My knees are not painful anymore after riding. Gives good support to the knee.

      However on the downside, the patella cup is very thin, doesnt feel rigid / strong and doesnt look like it will hold in a major crash. I think they should make it stronger AND have the patella cup CE level 1 or 2 approved as knee impact protection!

  • I’m 6’2 and a 145 pounds. I also have a bad case of the chicken legs. In my experience Asterisk makes the best brace for guys with long skinny legs. They are a little on the heavy side compared some of their competition (each Ultra Cell brace weighs 1.8 lbs) but you aren’t going to beat them in protection. The braces are long enough they slide into my boot about 1 to 2 inches. I personally wear a small Ultra Cell and they fit great. However this was only after I had them switch out the boa straps with the velcro straps. The upper boa strap would chafe my legs so bad I’d be bleeding after a hare scramble so if you order the Ultra Cells or the Cell make sure you get them with the velcro straps. Plus, the velcro straps are really plush and slim. Personally I would call them first and place the order over the phone because Asterisk has excellent customer service. The braces also come with knee brace sleeves at no extra charge. I bought the zero g knee brace pants and they work great but I’ve grown to prefer the sleeves because they aren’t as hot and their less bulky. Asterisk will also remove the boot tethers that come on the brace if you aren’t going to use them. I never used mine so when I sent them back to have the straps changed to velcro I had them remove the boot tethers. Asterisks also come with a limited life time warranty. I broke a piece off my patella cup after owning the braces almost a year. I called Asterisk and they replaced it at no charge to me because of the warranty. I hope this helps feel free to ask any questions.

  • I I have been riding the Mobius X8 almost 4 years now. I really like the leatt neck brace GPX. So I was torn I wanted to get the knee braces at the same time. But chose the Mobius because of the protection. I like the engineering of all these other braces. Leatt on being the cleanest I think. It is hard to choose from them all. My choosing Factor was the protection. Simply I love Motocross but train in the jungle. At any time you can have arrows come out of nowhere two by fours and such that stuff would really make a bad day riding. After getting them and putting them on they become almost nonexistent and make you feel like a superhero type. They definitely enhance and support your niece and Brace your knee. If I were only riding on clean groomed tracks I might consider trying on the other braces. Even still the protection I don’t think I would give it up I would wear the Mobius X8 over any of the above.

  • I’ve owned a set of Mobius X8 braces for a while now.
    I’m sure they may be fine for short MX races but they aren’t suitable for long Enduro riding.
    After 1/2 an hour or so they begin to migrate on your legs and the Velcro straps let go.
    This is especially true if you have to do any walking (like helping other riders up a hill etc)
    I’ve been in contact with Mobius, been through and confirmed all the correct fitment proceedure is being followed, I wear long brace socks and they supplied replacement straps.
    They still come loose.
    I wouldn’t purchase these braces again.

    • Thank you for the honest and good feedback. I’m sorry to hear you’re having that issue. I’ve been wearing them for over a year and yes, they do migrate a little, but once i tighten them back up the first time they stay in place pretty dang good.~Chase

    • Rocky Mountain ATV MC
      Thanks for the reply Chase.
      I appreciate that it would help to tighten the braces again, however it’s not really ideal during a ride to stop, remove boots and drop your pants to do this. Taping over the bottom straps dies seem to help a bit on most rides but often the top straps have released when I finish a ride.
      These braces would be best for an MX rider racing short motos as I mentioned.
      They are certainly very comfortable to wear,
      but once the straps loosen they aren’t protecting correctly any more.

    • Another trick you can try is taking a knee brace sleeve and wearing it over the brace. I do this to prevent my pants from catching the velcro and loosening the straps. Makes it much easier to put your pants on too. Doesn’t snag why pulling them up. Hope this helps my friend. Happy riding~Chase

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